June 18-22, 2018
The Mirage, Las Vegas

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Customer Contact Week Vegas: Early Intel

CCW VEGAS. IS. BACK. The world's largest customer contact event is back... and you won't want to miss it. We're designing an unrivaled program with even more world-class speakers and cutting-edge technologies you can't get anywhere else. Plus, we throw a pretty good cocktail party. Check out the early event intel and see what's in store.

Post Show Report

2017 CCW Winter Post Show Report

The 2017 CCW Winter conference & expo was a great success! With over 500 customer management executives in attendance at New Orleans this past January, the message of humanizing the customer experience was really brought out in the keynotes, the breakout sessions, the networking functions and the advisory board meeting. Take a look at the key takeaways of CCW Winter - and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

Sponsorship Information

2018 Sponsorship Prospectus

 Interested in participating as a sponsor or exhibitor? Great! Download the sponsorship prospectus or request a copy via email and let's get the conversation started.

Expert Interviews

The Employee Engagement Process Explained

Randy Woehl, Organizational Development at Cartwright Co., speaks about his impression of the implementation of an employee engagement process based on the Employee Engagement Institute's model of partnership. Woehl is joined by the author of the process, Thomas McCoy, Executive Director at EEI.

For More Effective Measurement, Put Away the Rulers

Chris Abel is a simple man. So, he isn't quite sure why call centers continue to struggle with measurement. Call Centers excel at measuring everything an agent does, he says, but not necessarily how what they do better services the customer. In this interview, Chris, Director of Contact Center Operations at Bright Horizons, answers the question; how do you become the most high-performing call center possible?

Customer Experience & Centricity: Where Technology & Heart Collide

A look at what makes customer-centricity, experience and personalization an extremely important part of success in this interview with Mindy Lamb, Customer Experience Director at Cigna.

Career Builder: Crack the Code to Superior Customer Service

Career Builder is at the forefront of customer engagement, employee motivation and the use of traditional call center metrics. Have a listen to this interview with Eric Newton to see how they cracked the code.

The Relationship Between Personalization & Product Marketing

Five9's Director of Product Marketing, Mayur Anadkat, shares his knowledge of personalization, first-contact resolution, TCPA Restrictions and Automated dialing in this exclusive interview. He also touches on the importance of automated technology when making outbound calls.

Identify & Rectify the Major Inhibitors to Employee Engagement

Thomas McCoy, Executive Director at The Employee Engagement Institute, speaks about the major inhibitors to employee engagement within call centers and how to rectify them by creating an environment of advancement and longevity. He also addresses the unique challenges to approaching executive-level versus managerial- and entry-level coaching in this exclusive interview.

Interview With Chris Vennard Part 1 - CCW Goes to Google

Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Product / Business Leader at Google, who will be speaking at the upcoming Call Center Week. Part 1 focuses on integrating call and search functions. 

Interview With Chris Vennard Part 2 - CCW Goes to Google

Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Product / Business Leader at Google, who will be speaking at the upcoming Call Center Week. Part 2 explores the benefits and challenges of the strategies discussed in Part 1. 

Interview With Chris Vennard Part 3 - CCW Goes to Google

Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Product / Business Leader at Google, who will be speaking at the upcoming Call Center Week. Part 3 covers metrics and Chris's closing comments. 

Stephanie Dorman Interview Part 3 - Company Culture

Stephanie Dorman, VP of Support and Training at Media Ocean, discusses how to improve company culture. Continue on to Part 4 to hear her take on internal growth.

Stephanie Dorman Interview Part 4 - Internal Growth

Stephanie Dorman, VP of Support and Training at Media Ocean, discusses internal growth and makes her closing comments. 

Next Generation Call Centers

Expedia moves millions of people around the world. It supports a multitude of languages, geographies and brands in more than 20 countries. And yet despite its scale, the company excels at making its customers feel like they know them personally. How do they do it? With their technology. In this interview, Mikko Ollila, Senior Project Manager at Expedia, explains how they empower agents to meaningfully relate to customers.


Special Report: CRM

Most businesses recognize the value of customer relationships.  They know they stand to reap considerable rewards by transforming from an organization that supplies products into one that meaningfully connects with customers.

Only a handful of these organizations are actually cultivating great lasting, lucrative bonds with their customers.  Only a handful of these organizations are maximizing the ROI of their investments into “CRM.”

CCW Digital’s Special Report on CRM corrects that reality.  Featuring exclusive research findings and expert insights, it reveals how to create a CRM strategy that empowers brands to actually connect with customers.

Topics include:

  • A common “CRM” mistake to avoid
  • Top 5 priorities for CRM investments
  • 4 factors to consider when building your relationship strategy
  • 11-step roadmap for making the most of CRM technology

CCW Executive Report: Contact Center Priorities for 2018

With 2018 right around the corner, CCW Digital is thrilled to present its annual Executive Priorities Report.

The customer contact landscape is always changing, and no organization can precisely predict every challenge or opportunity that will emerge.

All organizations can, however, set fundamental goals for the coming year – and why those goals will remain important no matter how the landscape changes in the coming year.

This report explores those goals. It, more importantly, reveals the steps businesses will take to achieve them.

Citing exclusive research and analyst commentary, the report tackles the following topics:

  • The top customer contact strategies for 2018.
  • How organizations plan to elevate the “agent experience.”
  • Why businesses are really excited about automation.
  • 5 most urgent workforce, customer relationship and omnichannel investments.
  • The most defining quality of a customer-centric brand