June 26-30, 2017
The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

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2017 CCW Conference & Expo Agenda

Are you excited? CCW is back and thrilled to share the complete agenda! Some of the top highlights include:

  • Customer-Centric Transformer: Tom Weiland, VP of Worldwide Customer Service, Amazon
  • Gamechanger Keynote: Peter Guber, Chairman & CEO, Mandalay Entertainment Group
  • Keynotes from the Disney Institute, MGM Resorts, Safelite Group and more!
  • New "Chief Fun Officer"
  • CCW Bookstore
  • A newly designed awards gala 2.0 plus a celebrity host!

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Post Show Report

2016 CCW Winter Post Show Report

Today's customers expect service on their own terms – whenever they need, in whatever digital channel they want. When these needs are unmet, there can be increasing customer churn, escalating operating costs and decreasing shareholder value.

A common thread ran throughout conversations – customers don’t come first anymore, the agents do. Experts agree that if you’re looking to be the best service delivery company world, you have to achieve it with the right agents in the right place. This report gives you insight into those conversations with examples as to how top companies were able to achieve this.

2015 CCW Post Show Report

The 2015 Post Event Executive Report from our flagship event, Call Center Week this past June, details exclusive interviews with experts who have intimate knowledge of our five themes: 1.) Creating a Winning Culture 2.) Customer-Centricity & Experience 3.) Training, Empowering & Engaging Agents 4.) Technology and 5.) Personalization. 

2017 CCW Winter Post Show Report

The 2017 CCW Winter conference & expo was a great success! With over 500 customer management executives in attendance at New Orleans this past January, the message of humanizing the customer experience was really brought out in the keynotes, the breakout sessions, the networking functions and the advisory board meeting. Take a look at the key takeaways of CCW Winter - and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

2016 CCW Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2016? Check out the post show report that highlights: attendee stats, top 10 speaker quotes, top photos, list of sponsors & exhibitors and more! Don't forget to take advantage of exclusive group ratesl! Email enquiry@iqpc.com for more information.

Fast Track Your Attendance

CCW ROI Tool Kit

Thinking about attending the 18th annual CCW? We are here to help you convince your colleague or manager to attend. Take a look at the top reason why you should attend. This ROI toolkit includes:

  • Convince your boss letter
  • Top reasons to attend
  • Estimated Budget Expense Sheet
  • Register Form
  • and more!

2017 Current Attendee List

Interested to see who will be joining you at CCW? Take a look at our current attendee list and get a sneak peek at the organizations that you will be meeting this June!

2016 CCW Past Attendee List

Curious who attended CCW in 2016? Take a look at the past attendee list and get a feel for who was there. If you'd like a copy sent to your inbox, email enquiry@iqpc.com

CCW Quiz: Roadmap To Customer Experience Excellence

This quiz will reveal your TRUEST customer experience objective. More importantly, it will reveal which CCW sessions will empower you to achieve that objective.

Expert Interviews

Peter Guber Announces the 2017 "Game Changer"

“You have to aim at their heart and not their wallet.”

In making that statement, Peter Guber stresses the importance of a relationship-oriented approach to the customer experience.

The sports and entertainment mogul will expand on this topic in his keynote presentation at the 2017 CCW, June 26-30, Las Vegas, NV.  He previewed the presentation – and discussed the value of the experience – in this exclusive podcast interview.

Peter Guber is Executive. Entrepreneur. #1 NYT Best Selling Author, Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.

Interview with our CCO Panelists

One of this year’s key panels will inspire you to think outside the box and leave a lasting impression.

Don't miss the Chief Customer Officer Panel: Build a Customer-Centric Organization

Discover how our distinguished panelists, Gail L. Smith, Jon Robertson, and Barbara B. Barnard, advocate for seamless omni-channel customer experiences, and bring VOC to all projects.

Walk away with new ideas to drive sustainable business growth in an environment where the digital customer rules.

Exclusive Content

"Effortless Experience" - A Radical New Customer Service Strategy

The "effortless customer experience" is being touted as the radical new customer service game plan to hit the industry. In short, the theory behind it is that you make customers happier simply by limiting the number of total interactions they have with you. Matt Dixon is the writer of this new game plan. He will take the stage as one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming event, but first he reveals the foundation to achieving the new strategy in this exclusive interview - your people.

2016 CCW Excellence Awards Recap

Customer management professionals continue to do extraordinary things, making the contact center community a place for empowerment, inspiration and success. Take a look at last year's excellence awards recap, highlighting the best in class contributors of the customer experience culture. For more information, email enquiry@iqpc.com.

Get Inspired: The Escape Room Experience with Asurion

Osmar Blanco and Rodney Hubbard at Asurion discuss the fun and value of the Escape Room experience, inspired by the franchise itself. Download this piece to learn more about why you should register for the Asurion site tour today!

Top 10 Reasons You Have to Experience the Expo Hall at CCW

We don't want you to miss out on the biggest CX event. From inspirational keynote sessions to demo drives to networking and celebrating with the best contact center contributors of the year, you will be shaking hands with some of the greatest minds within the industry.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you MUST experience the expo hall at CCW.

8 More Things Contact Center Leaders Must Do in 2017

Ahead of CCW Winter, we revealed the 8 things contact center leaders must do in 2017. We stand by each of those imperatives, but we also recognize that the transition from caring about customers to delivering for customers requires more than eight actions.

Written by Brian Cantor, Managing Editor & Director of CCIQ, let us guide you through the 8 more things leaders must embrace in order to achieve successful customer service.

Q&A with Tom Feeney - 2017 Visionary Strategist

CCW is pleased to announce that Tom Feeney will be delivering a keynote on "The Journey to Customer Centricity - People Powered, Customer Driven Strategy." Download this Q&A with our 2017 Visionary Strategist and learn more about the company's performance.

Words that Best Describe Customer Experience in 2017 - AARP, Clorox, USAA, More Weigh In

In one word, how would you describe the best customer service? See what customer management professionals from companies at AARP, Clorox, USAA and more, have to offer. Visit the CCW Digital website to view the original article.

Event Videos

2016 CCW Conference & Expo - Watch What Happened!

Want to know what the largest CX event looks like? Take a glimpse at the trailer from 2016's event and be amazed!

2016 CCW Awards Gala Trailer

Want to know what the largest Call Center Week event looks like? Take a glimpse at the trailer from 2016's event and be amazed. The 2016 CCW June Awards Gala was a night to remember. Industry leaders from across the country gathered to celebrate Call Center excellence!

2016 CCW Conference & Expo - Inside the Expo Hall

Take a look at what happened in our expo hall!


CCW Executive Report - Part 1: CX Game Changers

Based on exclusive, in-depth market research, this report investigates how organizations are addressing – and should be addressing – some of the most imminent, transformative developments in the customer experience space.

CCW Executive Report - Part 2: Performance & Agents

This research-driven report explores how organizations are – and should be – achieving results in this era of customer-centric thinking and omnichannel engagement.

Key Topics Include:

  • What are the top objectives for today’s contact centers?
  • Which performance metrics are hot?  Which are not?  Which matter?  Which do not?
  • Does cost still matter in the era of customer centricity?
  • How will organizations improve agent productivity?  How will they measure their success?
  • How will the rise of artificial intelligence impact the customer experience workforce?
  • What are the top customer relationship, omnichannel engagement and workforce investment areas for the next 2 years?

Sponsorship Information

2015 Call Center Week Sponsorship Highlights

See what our sponsors have to say about CCW 2015. For information on 2017 sponsorship opportunities, please email us to receive the sponsorship prospectus.

2014 Call Center Week Sponsorship Highlights

Watch what happened in 2014 with special commentary from our sponsors. For information on 2017 sponsorship opportunities, email us to receive the prospectus.

2017 CCW Sponsorship Prospectus

Interested in sponsoring the largest Call Center - Customer Service event in 2017? [Email Spex@iqpc.com] and we will follow up with you quickly and efficiently!


Executive Report on Performance: Metrics, Agents & Operations

To truly understand the strategies, initiatives, and technologies businesses will implement in their effort to improve contact center performance, we need an explicit understanding of their priorities.  We need to know how much better today’s contact centers want to become in achieving a myriad of business-centric and customer-centric outcomes.

Next-Generation Customer Engagement: It’s About Connections

In this age of customer centricity, we constantly hear talk about the need for a personalized, integrated, consistent, omni-channel and journey-driven customer experience. 

Executive Report on Contact Center Technology

Front-line employees may be the face of the business, but it is technology that enables them to present that face to customers.  It is technology that helps them successfully engage.

Executive Report on the Customer Experience

The Executive Report on the Customer Experience enables you to transition from talking about an ambiguous concept of the customer experience to enacting a clear, well-designed, results-driven plan for achieving actual improvement.

Expert Interviews

Exclusive Interview with Chip Conley

"In the context of business, it is sticking to the idea that some companies have a certain 'magic' about them, such that people when they're there, whether they're an employee, customer or investor...can feel the magic.  Everything goes better.  It's a more transformative experience."
-- Chip Conley, Airbnb's Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy on "mojo" in the business world.
Airbnb's Conley, who is also the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of "Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow," will be sharing the secret to creating the magic as a presenter at the forthcoming 17th Annual Call Center Week.
In advance of that presentation, he joined Call Center IQ's Brian Cantor for an exclusive interview. 
Listen to the interview -- then register for Call Center Week to secure your chance to learn and network with this disruptive thought leader.

The Employee Engagement Process Explained

Randy Woehl, Organizational Development at Cartwright Co., speaks about his impression of the implementation of an employee engagement process based on the Employee Engagement Institute's model of partnership. Woehl is joined by the author of the process, Thomas McCoy, Executive Director at EEI.

Customer Experience & Centricity: Where Technology & Heart Collide

A look at what makes customer-centricity, experience and personalization an extremely important part of success in this interview with Mindy Lamb, Customer Experience Director at Cigna.

Career Builder: Crack the Code to Superior Customer Service

Career Builder is at the forefront of customer engagement, employee motivation and the use of traditional call center metrics. Have a listen to this interview with Eric Newton to see how they cracked the code.

The Relationship Between Personalization & Product Marketing

Five9's Director of Product Marketing, Mayur Anadkat, shares his knowledge of personalization, first-contact resolution, TCPA Restrictions and Automated dialing in this exclusive interview. He also touches on the importance of automated technology when making outbound calls.

Identify & Rectify the Major Inhibitors to Employee Engagement

Thomas McCoy, Executive Director at The Employee Engagement Institute, speaks about the major inhibitors to employee engagement within call centers and how to rectify them by creating an environment of advancement and longevity. He also addresses the unique challenges to approaching executive-level versus managerial- and entry-level coaching in this exclusive interview.

AT&T's Key to Success: Align the Organization Around the Customer

Diane Magers at AT&T Business Services knows at thing or two about superior customer experience. Diane speaks about how to align the organization around the customer in order to be successful and how a toxic culture can poison a call center.

MetLife's Executive VP on Global Change Management

Exclusive interview with Christopher Smith, Executive VP and Head of Global Operations. Chris discusses global change management, company culture, employee engagement, and customer-centricity on a global scale, and shares best practices for consolidating international departments behind company values while allowing them to retain the local spark.

Empathetic Agents Matter in High-Crisis Situations

Kimberly Warrick, the Client Service Center Manager at New Jersey Shares, directs a team that regularly field calls from high crisis customers who may be low-income or elderly on a regular basis. Learn how she trains them to be empathetic, but also solution-oriented and calm under pressure during this exclusive interview at Call Center Week 2015.

Gamification is the Future of Learning & Coaching

Curt Behle, ITSM Leader at Zions Bancorporation, talks about the relationship between technology and customer service agents in this Call Center Week 2015 interview; how it empowers coaching, leading and providing excellent customer service.

Fonolo on Enabling CX Success with Technology

Shai Berger, CEO of Fonolo, discusses the company’s history with forging the hottest products and services for contact centers as well as their plans for the future in this interview from Call Center Week 2015.

The World Bank: How to Create a Winning Culture

Exclusive interview with Call Center Week past speaker Troy White, Service Delivery Executive at World Bank. Troy discusses the wants and needs of clients, empowering your agents, the importance of IT to agent operations, translating customer satisfaction surveys into service improvement plans, and more.

Interview With Chris Vennard Part 1 - CCW Goes to Google

Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Product / Business Leader at Google, who will be speaking at the upcoming Call Center Week. Part 1 focuses on integrating call and search functions. 

Interview With Chris Vennard Part 2 - CCW Goes to Google

Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Product / Business Leader at Google, who will be speaking at the upcoming Call Center Week. Part 2 explores the benefits and challenges of the strategies discussed in Part 1. 

Interview With Chris Vennard Part 3 - CCW Goes to Google

Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Product / Business Leader at Google, who will be speaking at the upcoming Call Center Week. Part 3 covers metrics and Chris's closing comments. 

Stephanie Dorman Interview Part 1 - Managing Messes

Stephanie Dorman, VP of Support and Training at Media Ocean, discusses how to approach disorganized departments. Continue on to Part 2 to hear her take on merging departments and customer centricity.

Stephanie Dorman Interview Part 2 - Merging Departments & Customer Centricity

Stephanie Dorman, VP of Support and Training at Media Ocean, discusses how to approach disorganized departments and how to best serve the customer. Continue on to Part 3 to hear her take on company culture.

Stephanie Dorman Interview Part 3 - Company Culture

Stephanie Dorman, VP of Support and Training at Media Ocean, discusses how to improve company culture. Continue on to Part 4 to hear her take on internal growth.

Stephanie Dorman Interview Part 4 - Internal Growth

Stephanie Dorman, VP of Support and Training at Media Ocean, discusses internal growth and makes her closing comments. 

Real Help. For Real People. In Real Time.

The theory behind excellent Customer Service isn't complex: Do everything in your power to assist caller inquiries in a timely manner and do so with a smile. Simple, right? Not so fast. Support environments are complicated and mired with numerous hiccups. Amy Latzer, Chief Operating Officer at 211 LA County, explains.

Beyond the Headset: Listen to Your Agents to Create Culture

The first step to managing employee expectations, goals and demands is to understand what those demands are. The only way to do so is to ask them. Transamerica, a financial services institution, conducts annual employee satisfaction surveys, but they don’t just complete the survey and then put it in a box and file it away. Crystal Wyland, Vice President of Customer Experience, explains why Transamerica doesn’t just ask for employee’s opinions. They act upon them.

Best Practices for At Home Agents

Teddy Liaw, the of CEO NexRep, went over best practices for virtual and at-home contact center agents in his presentation at the Virtual Call Center & Home-Based Agent Summit in November. Watch his presentation to preview the at-home agent sessions at Call Center Week.

Complexity Is the Enemy of Customer Service

Save money. Save time. These are the main benefits to implementing a truly streamlined technology suite. Call centers all have the same end goal, but has anyone truly created the formula to successfully align technology with business strategy? What are the ways in which call centers or customer care centers can achieve that balance? Liz Osborn, Vice President of Product and Solution Marketing at Five9, answers all these questions and more.

Next Generation Call Centers

Expedia moves millions of people around the world. It supports a multitude of languages, geographies and brands in more than 20 countries. And yet despite its scale, the company excels at making its customers feel like they know them personally. How do they do it? With their technology. In this interview, Mikko Ollila, Senior Project Manager at Expedia, explains how they empower agents to meaningfully relate to customers.

For More Effective Measurement, Put Away the Rulers

Chris Abel is a simple man. So, he isn't quite sure why call centers continue to struggle with measurement. Call Centers excel at measuring everything an agent does, he says, but not necessarily how what they do better services the customer. In this interview, Chris, Director of Contact Center Operations at Bright Horizons, answers the question; how do you become the most high-performing call center possible?

Sponsorship Information

Infographic: The CCW Experience

Put simply, CCW puts your brand in the spotlight. Our expo hall delivers a unique and unforgettable experience like no other. Download this infographic to see why.

2017 CCW Sponsorship Prospectus

Interested in sponsoring the largest Call Center - Customer Service event in 2017? [Email Spex@iqpc.com] and we will follow up with you quickly and efficiently!